AF Charming Butler 2T has been the strongest bloodline in our females.  We purchased her and her mother at the Oregon Sale in 1985 from Ernie and Lucille Annas.  Our youngest daughter used her as a show heifer that year and didn't win classes, because she was too small.  Had the judges been able to predict her productivity in the years to come, she would have been the champion female at all the shows.
Although we had to sell her this past fall because her body just plain wore out, we have kept 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters and a great-granddaughter in our herd.  They are outstanding milkers with beautiful small-teated udders and consistantly raise great calves. Even at the time we sold 2T,  her udder was intact with all 4 quarters functioning.  We miss her.

Our new herdsire purchased from
Split Butte Cattle Company

     SB 122L ONLINE 16N

Two Old
Acme "Girls"